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Our Story

BayMarin began as a dream in the hearts of a few people over 20 years ago. From its beginnings, this was a church whose DNA was about reaching the unique culture of Marin. 

Marin is a highly spiritual community that is also highly skeptical of typical Christianity. As a result, the "shape" of BayMarin throughout its history has been innovative and non-traditional.  From its earliest beginnings as a church focused on close relationships in its small core group, to its days of rapid growth through a more contemporary style (featuring newer music and drama on Sunday mornings), to its current approach that seeks to combine the best of the past with a "missional living" focus, BayMarin has always been on the move.

One thing that has remained the same, however, is a rock solid commitment to being followers of Christ. A scripture-centric approach to a new kind of Christian expression has always been the hallmark of BayMarin.

Today, the church continues to reach out to a postmodern culture with the timeless wisdom of Christ. Through our one-of-a-kind kids' program, our student ministries, our adult spiritual formation groups, our innovative outreach experiences, and of course, our highly creative Sunday worship gatherings, BayMarin continues its journey as a group of people seeking the best way to answer Jesus' call to "follow me."