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Youth Parking Lot Fundraiser

Wednesday, July 03, 2019 - Sunday, July 07, 2019

Location: Bay Marin Community Church, 150 N San Pedro Rd, San Rafael, CA US 94903

Coordinator: Bryan Tabor |

Website: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090D4FA9A72CA4FD0-parking3

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Parking Lot Fundraiser sign ups. 

Take a look and see which shifts you can sign up for.

All hours you (or family member) work will go towards your Mexico trip cost.

After the Fair is over, we will divide the money made over the hours worked for each individual.

Below is all the info you'll need regarding your responsibilities during the shifts you sign up for.

If you have an questions you can email


Parking Lot Fundraiser Procedures

The Parking Lot Fundraiser raises money to send Bay Marin’s high school students to Mexico, where they will serve at an orphanage and daycare for a week. 
All proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to this trip.

DATES: Wednesday July 3rd - Sunday July 7th


COST PER CAR: $5 in upper lot, $10 for lower lot or $5 for folks with disabilities NOTE: Lower lot price at adult volunteer discretion

ONLY for those working the fundraiser, unless someone has an emergency. In the case of an emergency, guests must be escorted to the bathrooms, preferably by an adult or older teenager. Under no circumstances should a female volunteer escort a male guest to the restroom. We will only be using the restrooms in the auditorium.

(409) 457-1836


At close of day, all supplies must be stored in the outdoor side closet of the Main Auditorium (looking at the Church auditorium from the outside, the storage is on the right side of the building). Supplies:
-Signs on sandwich boards
-1 card table
-cash box
-cooler for water

Alarm – The alarm should be set when you enter either building. Direction around alarm will be given when you arrive
SUPPLIES Retrieve supplies from storage closet.
GATE DO NOT unlock back gate!!! All traffic goes in and out of the front parking lot. The back gate is to remained locked at all times.

SIGNS Set up the signs as follows:
1) one on the South West corner of Civic Center Drive (near gas station)

2) one on the South East corner of Civic Center Drive (next to Subway)

3) two signs at the entrance of the parking lot

4) 1 sign to hold and wave at cars on Subway corner and parking lot entrance

CASH BOX Start every day with $120 cash in the box, predominantly $1’s, $5’s and $10s . Volunteers at close-of-day need to ensure that the opening cash box contains the necessary cash. WATER (if we have water to sell) Fill the cooler with water bottles and sell for $1.00. Adult: you can use some of the money in the cash box to purchase more ice. Please get a receipt and leave it in the box. UPPER PARKING LOT Ensure that traffic cones are still set up from previous day. We can park cars around the perimeter and in 2 rows down the middle.

Garbage: Please have a few people pick up the garbage from the night before so that we can keep the parking lot clean!

There should be 1-2 volunteers in the upper lot and 2-3 in the lower lot. Volunteers need to communicate if cars are coming up or down the driveway. LOWER LOT RESPONSIBILITIES!
Wave signs at corners and near driveway
Take money and inform car occupants the lot closes at 11 PM!!!!! Communicate to the upper lot when a car is coming up Direct cars to upper lot Direct exiting cars through lower lot and out the driveway by bridge. NOTE: Depending on the band playing at the fair, it could be very busy. July 4th will be VERY busy. Encourage cars to exit right and drive around China Camp, especially if they are going south on 101. UPPER LOT RESPONSIBILITIES Direct cars where to park!! Inform car occupants the lot closes at 11 PM!!!!!!!! Communicate to the lower lot when a car is coming down


Store all supplies, except for traffic cones in upper lot, in the outdoor storage closet of the Main Auditorium.

After each day, count the money minus the money we started with. Put the money we made into an envelope (found in the office) mark what day and the amount and drop it into my box in the wall. (When you enter the office look straight ahead, you will see boxes with staff member's name on them. Please be sure to return $120 to the cash box (mainly $1s and $5s) to the storage closet.

Ensure all doors are locked Set the alarm for the buildings
Make sure all doors are shut Punch in alarm code Punch button under (Perim)
Ensure upper lot is empty.