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*Note due to COVID-19 and restrictions some activities are postponed until further notice

Middle School Students
Sundays 10 AM on Zoom
Fridays 6:30-8:30 PM in the Student Center

Let's face it, middle school students are different than most of us (unless you are a middle schooler and you think you are normal and the rest of the world is strange) and they have different challenges and opportunities. At BayMarin, we recognize this and design our Middle School ministry to create a safe, friendly and meaningful environment to help our students grow. It is our hope and plan to guide students to own their own faith, to think for themselves and to consider what a life with Christ is like and can be.  We do this through interactive and experiential ways, not just teaching.

Friday Nights 6:30-8:30pm in the Student Center we have a lateweek experience for Middle School students.  Friday nights are full of energy, interaction and great discussion about life and God. This time is intentionally focused on spiritually developing our students and building better relationships with each other and with God. A list of some of our activities include:

  • Winter Camp
  • Local Service Opportunities
  • Rafting
  • Ice Skating
  • Camping

High School Students
Sundays 10 AM on Zoom
Fridays 6:30-8:30 PM in the Student Center

The life of a high school student is hard. There are so many choices and the influence of friends, parents, and teachers that force students to make a choice about what they believe and who they're going to be. Our High School ministry exists to help students grow in their relationship with Jesus, while building better relationships with those around them. Whether it is snow ball fights at Winter Camp, building houses in the Mexican heat, or simply hanging out playing games our students learn to experience God and how to live as followers of Christ in our world.

Sunday Mornings - Now with whole Church on Zoom
In the future, on Sunday mornings our high school students will gather in the Student Center for relevant Bible Study and good conversations. Once a month we join "Big Church" and sometimes even serve as part of the Gathering. Most of the time we can be found in the High School Room doing our thing and enjoying learning and growing together. 

Midweek (Friday Nights)
On Wednesday evenings, high school students from all over Marin County gather at BayMarin to learn more about what the Bible says and to have fun. This time is intentionally open to high school students of all beliefs, and our students do a great job of making everyone feel welcome.

Other Good Stuff
We love to hang out with each other and have fun! At least once a month we have activities like capture the flag, movie night, Six Flags, paddle boarding, ice skating, and more!

*Now every Sunday we are ALL-IN on Zoom! :D
ALL-IN ~ On the first Sunday of every month all students (K-12) attend the main service with the church family. We do this every month to worship together and promote community here at Bay Marin. Materials are provided for children to silently color, draw, or do a craft while also having the opportunity to listen to the message.

For more information about our Student Ministry contact Naomi Matsumura.