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Spring 2020 Youth Calendar

January 24: Movie Night

Come hang out at the Student Center at 6:30 to catch a flick and hang out with friends. 


February 21-23: High School Hume Lake

Snow. Boxsled Blitz. Monster Tube Run. Broom Hockey. Snowboard Mountain. Theme videos and Opener. Great music. Preachers that make sense. Friendships that last a lifetime. Truth that lasts forever.

Cost is $350

$100 Deposits are due ASAP

Middle school will meet at the church 10am on Jan 24 to depart together. High School will meet at Valley Baptist Church at 10am on Feb 21 to board a bus with 2 neighboring churches. Both groups will be returning between 5-6pm on their respective Sundays.

And here's a helpful link with answers to questions like "What should I bring?" and "what kind of things will I being doing way up in the mountains?"


March 14: Bowling

Bowling, need we say more?! Be there


April 4: Ice Skating

Ice skating, watching your friends fall, finally settling the debate of whose the fastest on ice. All this and more can be yours on April 4th as we head to Snoopy's Home Ice in Santa Rosa.


May 30: Wake Island

Do you like water, adventure, and fun? So do we! Come with us to Wake Island water park for some wet and cool fun. Details to come.


July 26 - August 1: Mexico Service Trip

During the week we will live and work alongside organizations and ministries that are already doing amazing work every day in La Mision and surrounding communities. Join us in doing service responsibly where everyone serves, everyone is honored, and everyone wins.

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