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Fire Relief

BayMarin & the Rodriguez Family

BayMarin is committed to helping fire victims in whatever capacity needed and are working with Iglesia Cristiana in Petaluma who is helping identify families in the most need. Below is our first family we will be helping. Please take the time to read the Rodriguez’s story and pray about how you can help support them. Please share the needs list and/or Amazon wish list on social media, with friends/family/coworkers and on your Nextdoor page. 

Amazon wish list: http://a.co/1WYhHpi

Hello BayMarin Family and Friends, 

We want to share with you the story of Teresa Rodriguez and her family.  They were victims of the Sonoma County Fires that occurred on October 8, 2017.

Teresa and her family live on a ranch in Sonoma, California.  They were occupying a mobile home that sat on the property where Samuel (husband) is employed.  Samuel also had side jobs at nearby ranches, for extra income.  The family was doing well because they had a home where they worked in lieu of the rent and with Samuel’s side jobs they were getting by. 

On October 8, because of the fire, they found themselves homeless.  They spoke to Samuel’s employer to see if they were going to replace the mobile home, but they were told no because they did not have the means.  They offered the family a small studio that is also on the property but it does not have a kitchen and it is very small, cold and damped.  The family felt they had no options because they had no money and no family nearby.  They moved in but it has been very difficult as they are not able to cook and have to purchase all of their meals.  Their son also lives with them in the studio. 

The week after the fires, Teresa was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  Teresa has not been able to work since then.  She has had a few surgeries and is in chemo treatments.  Her illness just adds to their hardship.  Teresa needs a warm and secure place where she is able to rest.  

They were told that if they were able to purchase a mobile home, they would be allowed to put it on the property, but they do not have the money to purchase one.  They also considered finding an apartment to rent, but because of Teresa’s doctor visits and surgeries, they feel they can‘t afford it.  Samuel had to let go of some of his side jobs to be able to take Teresa to her appointments. 

Whatever is in your heart to help would be very much appreciated.  We believe in prayer and we have a lot of faith as do you all so please pray for them.  

God bless and thank you for all you are doing in God’s kingdom.

Rodriguez Family Needs

Toilet Paper


Tooth Paste

Bath Soap




Deodorant - Men and Women

Laundry Soup

Laundry Softener

Bath Towels


Sheets- Size Full and Queen


                Women- Shirt Medium

                                  Pants size 9

                                  Sweat pants Medium

                Men-       Shirts Large (Dad)

                                  Pants 34X30


                                  Boxers Large

                Men-       Shirts Medium (son)

                                  Pants 30X30 or 32X30


                                  Boxers Small           

Gift Cards for food (there is no kitchen where they currently live)

Gas Card (to help with the cost of taking Teresa to and from the doctor and treatments)

Financial Assistance to help with medical cost (Teresa has not been able to work due to her illness)

Other needs:

Mobile home (to replace the one that they lived in that sat on employer’s property)

Work Truck (both vehicles were burnt in fire)

Laptop (son uses it for school work)

Work tools

Doggie house

Any other financial assistance 

Amazon wish list: http://a.co/1WYhHpi

Questions: Please contact Ashley Hurd at