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Ministry Plan

2019 BayMarin Ministry Plan

To bring the hope and healing of Jesus to the world.

To make disciples of Jesus in communities of service and love.


Abide – We find our source of life, love and identity in oneness with Jesus as we abide in him. We believe our hope for redemption and wholeness is found in Jesus. We immerse ourselves in prayer, Scripture and other spiritual practices in our longing to know the love of Christ in us, which overflows in a life of love to the world.

Belong – We believe God wired us for relationships. We are each unique, with different passions, gifts, callings, personalities, opinions and preferences; yet all those differences come together in the beautiful, messy organism we call the church. We believe we are called to live life together, share together, worship together, celebrate together, confess together, pray together, serve together and love each other deeply. The way of Jesus cannot be lived alone.

Create – We are created in God’s image and God invites us to participate in bringing new creation here and now. We believe God’s Spirit is the animating, energizing force giving the church a prophetic imagination with the mind of Christ and we are called to create culture through innovative ideas and fresh thinking that bring beauty and healing to God’s creation.

Demonstrate – We go inward in order to go outward demonstrating who Jesus is through acts of self-giving love as we declare God’s love for the world. Led by the Spirit, we serve God, others and creation, sharing the Story of Jesus, caring for the poor, marginalized and oppressed and being a voice for the voiceless. We are called to be a compelling force for good in the world as we join Jesus in the restoration of all things.


2019 Children’s Ministry Plan


We desire to be families who follow Jesus in bringing hope and healing to those we encounter each day. In our Children’s program we provide formational opportunities for our children by being immersed in the biblical narrative, modeling how to pray and live, and teaching about God’s love. Children’s ministry is a place where children are able to deepen their faith in God and their relationship with Jesus.

  • We journey with children to experience God’s presence with them and in them.
  • We regularly ask children to share their “highs” and “lows,” how they saw God during the week and other openers for the week. This allows them to identify ways God was with them in good moments and hard moments.
  • We will continue to live into our value to Abide through thoughtful engagement with our curriculum.
  • In the fall of 2017 we started a church-wide curriculum we are calling “3 Years with Jesus.” This curriculum is enhanced with various “Maker” projects created to compliment the lesson with a hands on approach. The curriculum engages the fostering of worship experiences, community building, biblical knowledge and living it out all through an experiential learning style.
  • Little Lambs (Birth- Pre-K) engages Hands On Bible Curriculum which focuses on a one point easy to remember theme while engaging all the senses so that children experience the opportunity to see, hear, touch, smell and even taste in their engagement with the Bible story.
  • We encourage families to spend time with their children looking at what was learned and explored on Sunday by encouraging parent volunteerism, by communicating with families via take home sheets and/or projects, and by sending a monthly newsletter.
  • We maintain a secure environment by accurately checking children in and out from each classroom to the correct guardian. For the safety of our children we screen all volunteers.



Children have a greater rate of development both educationally and spiritually when they have a sense of security, worth and belonging. We will foster an environment in which all children know the love of Jesus. This is an environment where all children can build friendships with one another and with the adults who are guiding them.

  • We have “open time” at the beginning and end of the service for building relationships and developing greater community.
  • Families are encouraged to connect with faith communities in their geographical area for further support and involvement.
  • Volunteers are trained on how to interact in age-appropriate ways with children. 
  • An open door policy will be maintained to invite families to take part in their child’s spiritual development.
  • We will maintain communication between staff (i.e.; Middle School and High School) to coordinate activities between the groups.
  • Children are taught to collaborate and work as teams/partners through games and activities in both large and small groups.
  • We will continue “All In” on the first Sunday of the month to promote the involvement of our children in the broader community of BayMarin. On “All In” Sundays Little Lambs will still be open in the Student Center, grades K-12 are invited to attend the main service. 
  • We will have parent / volunteer connection meetings as needed.
  • Volunteer opportunities in Children’s Ministry provide not only the opportunity for adults to serve our children, but to also form and deepen relationships with each other as they serve together. 
  • The 3 Years with Jesus curriculum develops better belonging in the broader community enabling parents to connect what they are learning with what their children are learning each Sunday.



Children create naturally and freely without inhibition. This ability will be highlighted and encouraged throughout all activities on Sunday morning and through service projects as well. The Sunday morning experience will integrate art, science, cooking, games, technology and maker’s space in order to foster the creative development of all of the children.

  • We will continue to create, adapt, and carry out rich lessons that fit well with the children in the BayMarin community.
  • We create opportunities for Jesus-focused spiritual/worship practices during large group time.
  • The congregation will be invited to help create an inviting, beautiful environment in the Student Center – one in which children will look forward to coming to each week.
  • We will continue to create a child-focused environment where kids can engage a unique worship opportunity by encouraging Circle Time with the Middle/High School students as leaders. This opportunity integrates sharing, prayer, and Scripture memorization.
  • We will create a Summer Day Camp to allow for further spiritual enrichment while the children are out of school. 
  • We will continue to partner with area churches to implement summer sports camp. 
  • Children’s art will be displayed to honor their work and to create a welcoming kid-friendly space for all who visit.
  • The Children’s Ministry Policies and Procedures workbook should be read by all parents.



Children are willing to give so much if we allow them to follow their hearts. By providing the right encouragement and guidance we will help our children to give to their community. They will be asked to recognize the needs around them, locally and globally, and to help make a difference in the world. They will demonstrate the beauty of God’s creation through their art, song, and projects that are created on Sunday morning.

  • We will engage in service projects with our Outreach Partners, Be2Live, The Gilead House, and other opportunities as they arise.
  • Children will demonstrate their growing love for Jesus through their love and kindness.
  • Each Sunday, children will be involved in multiple spiritual practices that will help them to have the courage to be light in their communities; spreading the love of Jesus.
  • We hope to see our focus on the 3 Years with Jesus curriculum result in children demonstrating their faith in the way of Jesus in their day to day lives.
  • Easter, fall and Christmas presentations/activities will be provided for the children to engage in and to promote their continued spiritual development while interacting with their families and the larger family of the church community.
  • Children will be encouraged to engage in Christmas outreach opportunities such as caroling at Assisted Living Communities and contributing to Christmas giving opportunities. 
  • Day camp and Sports Camps, which were already mentioned, are also intended to be outreach opportunities for children who might not otherwise be part of a church community. We encourage children to invite their friends.


2019 Student Ministry Plan 


To abide in Christ, we have to know and experience him. Our goal in this endeavor is aimed at studying who Christ is and the culture/traditions that birthed our faith. Studying Jesus as our master teacher will naturally lead to adoration, praise, and union with him who has freed us from brokenness and invites us into the beautiful freedom we experience in Christ.

  • Student Gatherings
    • Sunday mornings we meet to study the Scriptures, looking at the character of God and the life he holds for us.
    • Wednesday evenings we meet to have some fun and examine the intersection of our faith and our culture.
    • We provide a safe place to study scripture, experience God, spend time in prayer, and ask the difficult questions of life and faith. 
  • Retreats 
    • We have multiple retreats throughout the year to disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with God. This includes our annual winter retreat to Hume Lake and Youth Rafting Trip.
    • These retreats provide an opportunity for students to rejuvenate their faith and foster a sense of community and belonging. 
  • Curriculum
    • We are taking the next three years to journey through the gospels together; exploring the life of Jesus and what it looks like for us to live in union with Christ and embracing the way of life Jesus has invited us into. It is our hope that this will not just be a Sunday morning experience but will infiltrate our lives in the day to day activities of life. 
    • This curriculum coincides with the biblical text the larger church body will be studying. Our youth, children, and adults will all be journeying together to foster discipleship in the way of Jesus in the home and in our community.
    • Our chosen curriculum is and will be focused on providing a biblical and theological understanding of who God is and what he has done throughout time so students’ transition beyond our student ministry will have a solid theological framework with which to approach the world and to live as God created them to live.
    • We take seriously the roots of Christian faith by examining the historical traditions from which Christianity was birthed and exploring how we should live today in light of our Christian heritage.
    • Our curriculum is carefully crafted allowing students to engage their faith relationally with God and with others. We incorporate various spiritual practices in our lessons to foster a rich faith that leads to healthy balance of not merely knowing Scripture, but applying its truth and experiencing the presence of God in day to day life.


"Where do I belong?" is one of the most important questions students are asking today. It is important for us to provide a safe and welcoming place for students to feel loved and connected, just the way they are.

  • Events
    • Once a month we hold an event for students to bring their friends and just have fun while developing great relationships with other students and the adult leaders.
  • First Sundays
    • Every first Sunday of the month Students will join with the greater church in the worship service. While students need a place to worship and study Scripture that meets them where they are, we also recognize a need for the church body to worship together as one. This “All-In” gathering is intended to foster togetherness and unity in the church. 
  • Connect Parents, Students, and the Church
    • Our goal is to have the student ministry not as the building across the bridge, but an essential part of the church body.
    • We host multiple events throughout the year (e.g. Thanksgiving dinner, ice skating, River Rafting, camping, selected lessons, etc.) where we invite adults and families in our community to join us in the spiritual formation of students in the way of Jesus. It is important for other adults, alongside parents, to have a voice no matter how small, in the lives of our students. We intentionally create space for this to occur.
    • Faith Communities at BayMarin are an opportunity for our community to dive deeper relationally with one another and share life and faith together. Our students are very much part of this important piece of BayMarin, able to journey together with people of all generations.


Understanding the creativity present in the very nature of God inspires us to use the talents he has given us to glorify him and bring others into his presence. We hope to accomplish this through the creativity present not only in the adult leaders, but in the students themselves. 

  • Creative Responses
    • We encourage students to pursue projects aligning with their passions such as art, drama, theater, worship, non-profit work, etc., whether that be in the church or the local community. 
    • Adult leaders are committed to attending student’s activities (sports, plays, musical shows, etc.)
  • First Sundays
    • Students will have an opportunity to share their creative musical talents and service opportunities on first Sundays, as the youth will be worshiping together with the whole church body. 


Our goal is not for students to merely know Scripture and about God, but even more so, to experience God, apply Scripture in their lives and live out of who God created them to be.

  • Connecting with local partners
    • We serve with local Outreach Partners throughout the year to fulfill the mission Christ has given us.
    • A few local partners include Be2Live and Gilead House. We hope to engage these partners as well as other outreach opportunities that may arise.
  • First Sundays
    • Students will have the opportunity to serve during the first Sunday of each month with the greater church community. Those opportunities include playing with the worship band, serving communion, reading Scripture, sharing testimonies, set up/tear down, and serving with the children’s ministry.
  • Summer Missions
    • During the summer months our High School students take an annual trip down to Door of Faith Orphanage in Mexico to serve alongside our Outreach Partner Be2Live.
    • Our Middle Schoolers have the opportunity to serve with our local Outreach Partner Gilead House on service days. We also serve with the ministry City Impact based in San Francisco.


2019 Adult Spiritual Formation 

In an effort to see all of life as forming us spiritually we have integrated all areas of adult spiritual formation including Faith Communities, Outreach Initiatives, Hospitality, Congregational Care, Retreats and Sunday Teaching. 


  • Prayer and Contemplative Spirituality
    • In 2016 we moved to experiencing Communion / The Eucharist each Sunday. This has provided an additional reflective opportunity each week focusing on our relationship with Jesus and all he has done for us. We will continue this as a weekly practice in 2018 and beyond.
    • We will continue to offer opportunities for our community to learn more about spiritual practices and contemplative spirituality and its value for abiding in union with Jesus. We plan to create a section on our web site in 2018 with helpful ways to engage contemplative spirituality.
    • We will continue to explore other ways to bring contemplative practices into the Sunday morning context.
    • We will empower volunteer leadership to lead and implement contemplative opportunities at BayMarin.
    • Prayer Offerings
      • Continue to provide the opportunity for our community to join us in prayer every Sunday morning at 9:30am in the balcony.
      • Continue to invite our church to fill out prayer cards and have teams pray for those requests each week.
    • Emphasize the beauty of following the church calendar through:
      • Advent Opportunities and Christmas
      • Focus on Epiphany
      • Ash Wednesday Service
      • Engaging the season of Lent
      • Easter
  • Congregational Care
    • This team exists to provide congregational care through prayer, regular check-ins with community members, and provide care support where needed – emotionally, spiritually and physically.
    • Congregational Care will mainly happen in and through our Faith Communities as they provide care for one another.
    • When Congregational Care requests are made for those who are not in a Faith Community, we work to engage the individual(s) in the opportunities that exist to join a Faith Community.
    • Prayer for our community and beyond:
      • Offer prayer and pastoral counseling on an on-going basis.
      • Praying for the written and spoken requests received by BayMarin. These prayer requests will go out weekly to our email prayer chain.
      • Praying during our Sunday morning gatherings and provide opportunities for those in our midst to be prayed for.



  • Faith Communities
    • Facilitate the opportunity for individuals to get connected into existing Faith Communities at BayMarin.
      • We will highlight our Faith Community opportunities on a regular basis.
      • Continue to facilitate and improve the on-boarding process for Faith Communities.
      • Continue the existing follow up process to ensure there is a good fit for individuals in the group.
    • Encourage our Faith Communities to engage the 3 Years with Jesus experience.
    • Identify and empower new leaders to facilitate new Faith Communities at BayMarin.
    • Encourage targeted serving opportunities directly connected to our local and global outreach partners for Faith Communities.
  • Leadership Development
    • Invest in the leadership development of Spiritual Formation Leaders through ongoing development opportunities.
      • Spiritual Formation Leader Gatherings – Provide a quarterly opportunity for Spiritual Formation Leaders to gather together in community to encourage one another, pray for one another, engage in practices together and be invited into different training opportunities.
      • Regular one-on-one meetings with Spiritual Formation Leaders to assess specific ministry needs and potential concerns.
  • Learning Communities
    • Provide the opportunity to belong through time bound learning opportunities.
      • We will look to provide two learning communities in 2018. 
      • We will look to provide full day learning and experiential opportunities in 2018 like Dave Robinson’s Life Story workshop and Mark Scandrette or Dave Nixon coming to lead our community and connect to the 3 Years with Jesus experience.
      • We will also provide community opportunities for women and for men. These may consist of study groups or meals together.
  • Hospitality
    • Continue to enhance our hospitality efforts on Sunday mornings.
      • Welcome Team – As our point of first contact for many on Sunday mornings, this team will continue to be a presence of hospitality in our midst through:
        • Helping families connect their children to our Children’s Ministry.
        • Helping individuals get acclimated to BayMarin by introducing them to others, helping them find a seat, and meeting their needs to the best of our ability.
      • Visitor Follow-up
        • Sending a note and follow up email to visitors
        • Provide opportunities for visitors to get connected into the life of the BayMarin Community through Faith Communities, service opportunities, membership, learning communities and other opportunities.
      • Providing coffee and refreshments each Sunday morning
      • Maintaining excellence in physical set up of the auditorium and children’s and student’s classrooms. 
  • Retreats
    • We are planning to have our 5th Annual Church Wide Retreat this year at Alliance Redwoods.
    • As stated above we will look to also provide day retreat opportunities.



  • Creative Interfaces
    • We will continue to provide opportunities for artists and creatives (which should be understood to be all of us!) both within the BayMain community and for those who do not have a church home. These opportunities will take place at:
      • Rhema – Our Sunday evening gathering providing the opportunity for anyone to come and experience community in a conversational style that is mutually beneficial to all.
      • Second Saturday – Every second Saturday we will continue to provide the opportunity for artists to gather together to share their work and applaud and support each other.
      • Storyline Writer’s Workshop – Ongoing workshops on the writing process in a communal setting with occasional public readings.
      • We will also offer other arts related opportunities and educational opportunities around Spiritual Formation and the Arts.
  • Events
    • We will create different events throughout the year including:
      • Summer Community Gatherings
      • Fall Festival
      • House Concerts
      • Advent, Christmas and Lent opportunities
  • Sunday Morning Teaching Series
    • We believe Sunday morning provides our broadest context to explore the scriptures together as a community creating a springboard to take what is learned into everyday life. We have begun a series that will take us the next three years which we are calling “3 Years with Jesus.” We will engage this series through fall, winter and spring. We will focus on a different series each summer. You can follow along with the schedule for 3 Years with Jesus here: http://baymarin.org/resources/3-years-with-jesus/
  • Create Interfacing Opportunities with Children’s, Student’s, and Sunday Mornings for Spiritual Formation Consistency
    • Collaborate with Children’s and Student Ministries to increase the integration of adult and family formation opportunities. We will continue to intentionally do this by having our children and youth in the main auditorium with the adults on the first Sunday of each month.
    • Children and Students will also be going through the same texts as the adults each Sunday as we engage 3 Years with Jesus. This is an exciting opportunity to have our whole church journey together!
  • Creative Team 
    • Collaborative conversation will take place with our Creative Team around teaching series ideas and worship arts (see Worship Arts Ministry Plan for more details).



    • We long to live into our vision to bring the hope and healing of Jesus to the world through engaging in opportunities with our Outreach Partner Organizations. We will be focusing locally and globally to bring hope and healing to at risk women, children and families.
      • Local Partners
        • Gilead House – A transitional home for single mothers in need started by BayMarin in 1999 which provides women and children a safe environment in which to live and provide mothers with skills and support. 
          • In 2018 we plan to continue to ramp up our partnership and investment in Gilead House through regular engagement with the moms and children through events such as Spring cleaning, making meals, pumpkin carving, meeting tangible needs of the families (i.e. bedding, clothing, etc.) as well as providing quarterly opportunities to share updates with our BayMarin Community.
    • Creative Interfaces and Arts Events – See section on “Create”
      • Glocal Partner – Strategic Focus – Marin / Mexico
        • Be2Live – Glocal because Be2Live functions both locally and globally to bring the Kingdom here and now in our midst. 
          • Be2Live exists to cultivate thriving communities through service and leadership. They focus on connecting high school students in Marin with organizations in Mexico to help cultivate communities in the Marin as well as in Mexico.
          • We will join Be2Live to empower local students in Marin to travel to Mexico to work alongside orphans and giving a voice to the voiceless as well as join Be2Live on the 2018 Family Mexico Trip. 
      • Global Partner – Strategic Focus - Mexico
        • Plant With Purpose – Plant With Purpose exists to revitalize the environment, economy and spirituality among the global rural poor. We partner with Plant With Purpose to support the restoration efforts in the village of San Isidro Trementina in Oaxaca, Mexico. This is the poorest region in Mexico and we get to be a part of what God is doing in their midst by providing the needed assistance for the necessary development to take place to bring holistic revitalization to this village.
        • In 2018 we will continue to provide needed resources for San Isidro Trementina as directed by Plant With Purpose as well as providing quarterly updates from the work being accomplished in Oaxaca.
    • Provide regular service opportunities for the BayMarin Community
      • We will offer service opportunities both within our community and with our outreach partners.
    • International Mission Trips
      • We will plan at least one BayMarin sponsored family trip and one BayMarin sponsored student trip through Be2Live to Mexico.
      • Plant With Purpose is offering a trip in 2018 to work alongside the folks in our sponsor village, San Isidro Trementina as well as other villages in Oaxaca. Those who go will have the opportunity to witness first-hand the new environmentally friendly, energy efficient stoves we helped provide for these villages.
    • Disaster Relief: We will continue to respond to different local and global events in our world where immediate relief is needed. When a disaster strikes we will work to financially support relief efforts and if possible, engage physically. We did this when the recent wildfires tore through Sonoma and Napa.
    • A note about relief and development work: We intentionally partner with organizations that are mostly focused on development work. We do this to empower others to live into the fullness of who God created them to be and to support organizations that have the capacity to mobilize others to make this happen. That said, we also believe relief work is vital especially in times of crisis whether natural disasters or human-made crisis that require an immediate response. When a crisis hits and we sense God compelling us to engage that crisis in tangible ways, we will do so.
    • Potential New Outreach Opportunities
      • Fire Relief – In the wake of the recent fires BayMarin functioned as a donation / distribution center for the better part of three weeks. We are prayerfully considering how God may be inviting us into a longer term partnership to help with the long term rebuilding that will be required. We have entered into a relationship with a bi-lingual church in Petaluma. Many people who are a part of that church have lost their homes. 2018 may provide additional opportunities for us to come alongside that church and join them in their rebuilding efforts.
      • Marin Foster Care Staying in line with our focus on at risk women, children and families; we are considering Marin Foster Care as an additional local partner in 2018. Many needs arise when a family takes in a foster child. Please join us in praying as we consider these opportunities.


      2019 Creative Arts Ministry Plan

      Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.  (Psalm 33:3)

      Our Creative Arts Ministry has a simple, yet holy mission within our church body: to create a welcoming and compelling worship environment which allows people to experience God and draws them into deeper union with God. Through praise and worship music, we want people to feel strengthened and encouraged, whether they are just starting on a path of faith, or they have been Jesus followers for a long time.

      This involves the talents of several people to be organized and blended into one cohesive presentation. Our worship experience should encourage participation, invite believers and non-believers alike to open their hearts and ears to hear the Spirit, and support the teaching of the speaker that day. This ministry plan will seek to outline some of the ways we hope to accomplish that mission this year. 


      We seek to live and know ourselves as Christ-followers, in union with him.  We desire to spread an attitude of gratefulness, faithfulness, and outreach. We hope to do this by creating a sense of abiding by putting into words what it looks like to live as a child of God; to be a part of this community, and God’s kingdom.

      • We will encourage each other to bring our best selves at all times, in both the attitude of our hearts, as well as the presentation of our music.
      • We will seek out songs with lyrics that touch upon the sense of abiding in God.
      • We will ask team members to bring their best, and expand and heighten their contributions if possible, in their instrumentation or singing leading our people into an experience of worship.
      • We will continue to support and be a part of sacred times in our worship gathering beyond songs of praise, such as scripture reading and Communion.


      The worship team is a unique faith community in our church body. We serve a specific purpose in leading worship, and we are also a group of people living in community who face the challenges and joys of life together. We hope to be a true fellowship in Christ, living out the values he demonstrated, and through our music, we hope to inspire reflection, and a sense of belonging for all who come in the door.

      • We will support each other, and walk alongside each other, being present and available to celebrate in good times, and offer compassion in other times. 
      • We will be intentional to engage our church in a way that recognizes we are one community worshiping our one God together.
      • We will be welcoming to new members, and also continue to appreciate the contribution of our long-time veterans.
      • We will be available to help when hands-on help is needed; to move furniture, or deliver a meal.  We will also have seasonal times of celebration, such as a Volunteer Appreciation Party.
      • The music we bring in our time of worship will be inviting to visitors, and would prompt a sense of belonging.


      This gets back to our primary objective, to create a welcoming and compelling worship environment for our church. We want to foster and enable many kinds of creative growth. We hope that our creative work may touch upon new ways to think about the promise of hope and healing in Christ, and inspire reflection.

      • We will encourage team members to find new songs for our church to sing that align with our vision and values. 
      • We will seek out songs that communicate God’s love, grace and healing, hoping that our people may hear a new word or phrase that inspires each of us to live more fully into who we were created to be.
      • We will encourage new arrangements or approaches to existing songs.  
      • We welcome ideas about the possibility of original music, drama, or art presentations.
      • We pray that God would give us a creative imagination to empower our community toward a greater communal creativity in how we live our lives to bring God’s kingdom.


      We, as a team, will keep a humble heart, and pursue the virtues of service, fellowship and generosity that Jesus taught. In our music, we desire to lead the church in true worship in the power of Christ, and strengthen a community that longs to worship in this way.

      • We will seek to keep a Christian attitude and posture in our dealings with each other, and with our church community.
      • We will continue to invite guest worship leaders to visit from time to time, and we hope to initiate an internship that would allow students to come share their gift of leading worship with us.
      • We will encourage those on the team who are gifted to lead to do so.