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Apr 14, 2019

Guest Speaker Justin McRoberts

Guest Speaker Justin McRoberts

Passage: Luke 19:28-38

Teacher: Justin McRoberts

Series: Lent 2019

Category: Discipleship


Discussion Questions:

What resonated most with you about this passage and teaching?

How have you experienced Lent this year? Have you been able to slow down, or fast from or reduce screen time? What have you (temporarily) removed from your schedule? 

What in the traditional church calendar comforts you, if anything?

We sometimes have expectations of God that He doesn’t meet. What disappointments have you experienced from unmet expectations? Talk about resting your hopes on promises that were never made to you. (Beastie Boys story)

How do you remove noise, fear and ego to reveal the ever-present interior conversation with God?  

Read the passage Luke 19: 28-38 three separate times, and then discuss what stuck out for you in the passage. 

What are you making of your inflatable cactus on your stage?

In what ways do you hope to integrate elements of this text into your life this week?