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Jul 08, 2018

Original Blessing, Part 5

Original Blessing, Part 5

Passage: Genesis 2:15-3:1

Teacher: Matt Krick

Series: Original Blessing

Category: Peace


Discussion Questions:

What resonated most with you about this passage and teaching?

What does it look like to have embodied and soulful work?

Are you out of rhythm? Does it feel like your life is fragmented or integrated?

In what ways have we seen work and Sabbath as command rather than gift; as a rule rather than an original blessing from the beginning?

How will we allow work and rest to shape and form us into being more fully human? What does it look like to allow Jesus, who offers us our work and rest, to form us into being more fully human?

How will we follow Jesus the true servant and Lord of the Sabbath?

In what ways do you hope to integrate elements of this text into your life this week?