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Feb 17, 2019

Toil or Tranquility

Toil or Tranquility

Passage: Ecclesiastes 4

Teacher: Matt Krick

Series: Ecclesiastes - Does Life Hold Meaning?

Category: Peace


Discussion Questions:

What resonated most with you about this passage and teaching?

The Teacher, the writer of Ecclesiastes, says all of toil is for envy. What do you say? Why do you toil?

Fools fold their hands, which is their ruin. One handful with tranquility is better than two hands chasing the wind. How do you balance work and off-time so that you don’t have too much of either one? (How do you manage your guac and chips?) What does Jesus give us in lieu of too much work or too much time off?

Can you relate to the temptation to disengage? How so? Does disengaging end well according to this verse? In your life is there somewhere you would like to engage more?

Is being content easy or difficult for you? Why is contentment a struggle sometimes? Do you sense a call to more contentment in a specific area?

When did God start to love Jesus? Before or after his work and miracles? Why is that important? 

What do you think of when you think of the “unforced rhythms of grace (Matthew 11:28-30)

In your searching, how do you know when you’re searching for something you already have?

In what ways do you hope to integrate elements of this text into your life this week?