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About Us


To bring the hope and healing of Jesus to the world.


To make disciples of Jesus in communities of service and love.


Abide - We find our source of life, love and identity in oneness with Jesus as we abide in him. We believe our hope for redemption and wholeness is found in Jesus. We immerse ourselves in prayer, Scripture and other spiritual practices in our longing to know the love of Christ in us, which overflows in a life of love to the world.

Belong - We believe God wired us for relationships. We are each unique, with different passions, gifts, callings, personalities, opinions and preferences; yet all those differences come together in the beautiful, messy organism we call the church. We believe we are called to live life together, share together, worship together, celebrate together, confess together, pray together, serve together and love each other deeply. The way of Jesus cannot be lived alone.

Create - We are created in God’s image and God invites us to participate in bringing new creation here and now. We believe God’s Spirit is the animating, energizing force giving the church a prophetic imagination with the mind of Christ and we are called to create culture through innovative ideas and fresh thinking that bring beauty and healing to God’s creation.

Demonstrate - We go inward in order to go outward demonstrating who Jesus is through acts of self-giving love as we declare God’s love for the world. Led by the Spirit, we serve God, others and creation, sharing the Story of Jesus, caring for the poor, marginalized and oppressed and being a voice for the voiceless. We are called to be a compelling force for good in the world as we join Jesus in the restoration of all things.